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bike ride Saturday July 2nd

Domaine de Litteau 26.06.2016

Hello,   As you may know the Tour de France will take place soon around Litteau !! So we are going to create our own ride with le Tour de Litteau which is going to happen next Saturday, July 2nd at 10am departure point at the reception. appointement at 9.45AM ...

Euro 2016

Les Rives de Condrieu 26.06.2016


Le Montourey 25.06.2016

Dear Owners,   For the comfort of all of our clients, and after speaking to a number of private lets, could you please inform your clients that if they come with a dog it needs to be kept on a lead and all droppings picked up in accordance with the ...


Walk on the greve

La Pignade 27.06.2016

Owners Event


La Pignade 27.06.2016

Owners Event


La Pignade 27.06.2016

Owners Event

Holiday Exchange Programme

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Ads # L-201715220
Camping : Les Charmettes
Region : Charente Maritime
Period : April, May
Ads # L-201713707
Camping : Le Montourey
Region : Côte d'Azur
Period : February, March, April, May, September, October
Ads # D-20179673
Camping : Domaine de Litteau
Region : Normandie
Period : June, July, August