Mentions Légales de Sibluconnect, site extranet dédié aux propriétaires de mobil homes sur les villages de plein air Siblu

Article 1 – Site editor

Sibluconnect is edited by Siblu France SAS, 10 avenue Léonard de Vinci 33600 Pessac, France, tel. : 00 335 56 07 90 00.
Director of Publication : Jean-Pierre BRAUN, e-Commerce Manager, Siblu France SAS.
The hosting of the site is managed by Fullsave SAS, 26 rue de Gironis 31100 Toulouse, France,  tel. : 00 335 62 24 34 18.
Sibluconnect is a dedicated service for holiday home owners at Siblu parcs in France.  The functions and graphics of Sibluconnect were produced in collaboration with WSB Agency - Agence Media Interactive - 6, rue d'Eghien 33000 Bordeaux, France, tel. : 00 335 57 35 30 62.

Article 2 – Personal Information

2.1 The use of personal information collected on Sibluconnect

Sibluconnect collects personal information to enable communication and the exchange of information between its members, allowing them to fully participate in the proposed services.  This also allows Sibluconnect to:
    * respond to written requests made through Sibluconnect ;
    * to put owners in contact with other owners for the purpose of the Holiday Exchange Program ;
    * to provide ongoing information updates based on the service users subscribe to;
    * to identify authors of messages hosted on the site, in accordance with French legislation article 6 - II the law for confidence in digital economy.
    * to measure the audience of the site (using Google Analytics).
The information generated by Sibluconnect is produced voluntarily by visitors with an email address and/or postal addresses which permit them to benefit from certain functions of the site.
This can also be created from information already saved on client files by Siblu France SAS, which permits Siblu to help users benefit from all the functions of the site, including the free Holiday Exchange Program between owners, the letting programme or to request extra Fun Passes.
The IP addresses of all visitors are saved automatically by our systems in server logs and by the systems of Google Inc.

2.2 Destination of Personal Information collected by Sibluconnect
Any personal information that is collected is only used for the listed functions of Sibluconnect.
Personal information collected on the contact page is used by Siblu to respond and manage your requests as they are presented on the Dashboard.
Personal information collected for the Holiday Exchange Program is used exclusively for this free service between owners.
Personal information collected for the management of subletting is used exclusively by the Holiday Sales Manager to administer your letting request.
Personal information collected for the request of Fun Passes is used exclusively by Siblu to meet your request.
Personal information collected for the Referal service is used by the Sales Manager on your parc in the event that you recommend a future owner.
The IP addresses of our visitors and their connections, and details of their navigation through Sibluconnect is collected by Google Inc. and is processed by servers in the U.S.A. and can be communicated to third parties working for Google Inc. who may be situated outside of the European Union.
With the exception of IP addresses of our visitors, the personal information collected by the site Sibluconnect is purely for internal use, is not the object of any form of communication, transferred or divulged to a third party.
The person responsible for this procedure is Jean-Pierre BRAUN, e-Commerce Manager for Siblu France SAS.

2.3 Conservation of Personal Information collected on the Site
Sibluconnect retains personal information, allowing user access to the site during the total period a client remains an owner on a Siblu parc.  If an owner leaves Siblu, all personal information is completely deleted.
Concerning the conservation of personal information collected by the audience measuring tool Google Analytics, you may consult the confidentiality charter published by Google Inc. at the following address :
The site Sibluconnect guarantees confidentiality of personal information saved on the site.  The addresses and the details of subscribed users never appear unless the user has contributed to a forum or an article in the message body, or if they have chosen their name as their identity on the platform of forums of discussion.

2.4 Right of Access, modification and deletion
Conforming to French legislation n°78-17 states « Informatique et Libertés » of 6th January 1978, the collection of personal information by Sibluconnect has been declared to CNIL, refererence is in the process of declaration at the time of publication.
You are entitled to a right of access to this site , confirming to French Legislation n°78-17 states « Informatique et Libertés » of 6th  January 1978, to rectify and modify, to oppose and to delete information which concerns you, and can remain anonymous with any contributions to the site or reactions to published comments.
You can exercise this right by contacting us through the contact form on Sibluconnect or in writing to : Siblu France SAS - Direction e-Commerce - 10, avenue Léonard de Vinci 33600 Pessac, France.
We will always take the precaution of verifying your identify before allowing access to your personal information or before proceeding with any requested changes to your personal information.

Article 3 – Cookies

3.1 Using cookies on Sibluconnect

The option of saving your identity and your password on the site may necessitate the use of a cookie (saved on your computer’s hard drive).
The creation of these cookies is not systematic; these files are in place to facilitate your login procedure.  We strongly recommend you don’t use cookies if you are logging on from a public computer.
These cookies are in no way connected to the collection of personal information.

3.2 Session Cookie for creating statistics
It is necessary for our Extranet provider to employ a session cookie to analyse statistics on our site, you can however disable these cookies in the options of your internet browser.
Conforming to the article 8,1 (French legislation), concerning the conditions of use for the service Google Analytics, we bring the following declaration to your attention.
This site uses Google Analytics, an analysing service provided by Google Inc. (Google).  Google Analytics uses cookies, which are text files saved on your computer, to help the internet site analyse the usage of the site by its users.
The information generated by these cookies concerns your usage of the site (and your IP address) are sent and saved by Google on servers situated in the U.S.A. Google uses this information with the goal of evaluating your usage of the site, compiling reports on the activity of the site destined for the editor and to furnish other services relative to the activity of the site and the usage of the internet.
Google may communicate this information to a third party in case of legal obligation or should the third party process this information for Google Inc. notably for the editor of the site.
Google will not keep your IP address with any other information saved with them.  You can de-activate the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate parameters in your internet browser.  However de-activation can disable certain functions of the site.  By using this internet site you consent to the terms of conditions above in the gathering of your personal information.

3.3 Deleting cookies present on your computer
You can delete cookies saved on your computer using the following steps (depending on the internet browser you use) :
Warning : By following this procedure you will delete all cookies on your computer (including cookies relating to all other internet sites)
Instructions for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows :
    * Click on « Tools » in menu.
    * Choose « Internet Options… » from the rolling menu.
    * Click on the tab « General »
    * Click on « Delete » of section « History »
    * Click on « Delete cookies… »

Instructions for Internet Explorer 6 for Windows :
    * Click on « Tools » in menu.
    * Choose « Internet Options… » from the rolling menu.
    * Click on « Delete cookies… »

Instructions for Mozilla Firefox :
    * Click on « Tools » in menu.
    * Choose « Options… » from the rolling menu
    * Choose « private life ».
    * Click on the tab « Cookies », and click on « Delete Cookies ».

Article 4 – Interactivity and forums of discussion

4.1 Moderation
The messages published by internet users in reaction to articles are personal expressions.
We take no responsibility for these comments or their content where we are not the author.
The site Sibluconnect endeavours to stop any message not conforming to an open debate and not following the purpose of the site, with the understanding that it is impossible to control all messages.
By posting a message on our site you are agreeing not to contribute material potentially illicit, slanderous, offensive, obscene, discriminatory, menacing or contrary to the charter of the site.
You authorise Sibluconnect, and their hosting company Siblu France SAS to modify, move or delete your message for any reason.
The site Sibluconnect, and its hosting company Siblu France SAS, reserve the right to exclude any member who does not respect the terms and conditions of this site.

4.2 Participation
Following the publication of articles, you are invited to publish a new message or comment in relation to a theme already in discussion.
Once you have entered your identification and password, you are connected to Sibluconnect and we ask you to respect our terms and conditions.

Article 5 - Intellectual Property

5.1 Site engine and Matrix
Sibluconnect has been created using the content management system Django, a program developed with Python language dedicated to publishing internet content, available under licence GNU General Public Licence (GPL) at the following address :
Certain additional plugins created in the development of this site are available under licence GPL and can be redistributed under the same conditions as above, conforming to licence agreement.
The skeleton or matrix used by Sibluconnect is controlled by the legislation and protected by the right of the author, and is owned exclusively by Siblu France SAS.

5.2 Content
The content of Sibluconnect is controlled by the legislation and protected by the right of the author, and is owned exclusively by Siblu France SAS.  Every reproduction and retransmission of any part or the entirety of the content require the express written authorisation of Siblu France SAS.
You can request this authorisation through the Sibluconnect contact form by detailing the content you wish to reproduce and how you wish to use it. 
If the content you wish to reproduce is visible on the internet we ask you to send us details of the URL address (Uniform Resource Locator).  If not, we ask you to provide us with copies of the required content.
Reproductions for the purpose of publicity will not be authorised.

Article 6 - Hyperlinks

6.1 Establishing links from Sibluconnect
All links to the Welcome page of Sibluconnect can be freely established assuming they are not being used for publicity and include the mention « on », and that the authors of the link have legally informed Siblu France SAS.
This authorisation does not apply to any other internet site with content that is illegal, violent, controversial, pornographic and xenophobic or considered sensitive to the general public.

6.2 Establishing links from documents published on the site
All the links that are embedded in a document other then an internet page regardless of their form or content are strictly prohibited, unless express authorisation is given from the editors of Sibluconnect.
This includes, but is not exclusive to, every type of graphic document (.jpeg, .gif, .png), every type of multimedia document or video (avi, .mov, .wmv, .flv, .swf, .ppt, .pps), every type of text document (.txt, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .xls, .pdf) and all other documents not visible directly from your internet browser.
We ask you therefore not to create links directly to documents but to pages of the site which can then create links back to other sites.

6.3 Inclusions and use of frames
All use and reproduction, even partial, of elements of the site to a third party of frames or any other procedure of a similar nature is formally prohibited.

6.4 Request of authorisation
The authorisation to establish links has to be requested using the Sibluconnect contact form.  The request has to mention the address of the page (URL Uniform Resource Locator) which will be used on the third party’s page.
Reproductions for the purpose of publicity will not be authorised.

Article 7 - Publication of content
We have placed at your disposal several flux RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds that enable automatic display of information in XML format (Extended Mark-up Language).  This permits you to automatically display the latest news or information from on your site.  The use of this feed by a third party is free but may not be used for the purpose of publicity.

Article 8 – Accessibility
This site respects the norms of accessibility developed by the World Accessibility Initiative or « WAI » of World Wide Web Consortium or « W3C », hierarchies in 3 levels of priority (A, AA and AAA) and a particular effort has been made to establish the accessibility of Sibluconnect to disabled persons.
The pages of Sibluconnect have been developed respecting standard use of the internet and conform to XHTML 1,0 Transitional established by the W3C.  This site uses a valid sheet style CSS.  This site conforms to Triple-A of WC3AG 1.0.

Article 9 – Illegal information
Conforming to French legislation for confidence in the economy from 21st June 2004, Sibluconnect permits every visitor to signal any content susceptible to infractions to the article 24 of legislation from 29th July 1881 on the freedom of press and from articles 227-23 and 227-24 of the Penal Code.
To notify us of any suspicious content we ask you to use the Sibluconnect contact form and copy the link which you consider illicit.

Article 10 – Responsibility
The editors and authors of Sibluconnect accept no responsibility for errors or omissions in the published information or technical problems encountered on the site and all other sites linked to the site, or to any interpretation of published information on these sites, and the consequence of their usage.